February 3


4:30 PM

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Battle in the Bubble


4:00 pm – Team and Stadium Gates open

4:15 pm – Field available for warmups

4:30 pm – U11, U12, & U13 Tournament begins

9:00 pm – Tournaments Conclude


  • 7v7 w/ goalie in net
  • No slide tackles
  • Out of Bounds are indirect kick ins
  • All fouls are direct kicks
  • No offsides
  • Goalies no punt, only throws or kick off the ground
  • No headers for U9-U10
  • No “hassle zone” as determined by ref, for U9-U10
  • Substitutes on the fly
  • 1 referee per field


  • Point scoring system: 3 points for Win, 1 for Draw, 0 for Loss
  • Top two teams from each age group advance to championship set to be hosted at Field after a Spring Crew match TBD at later date
  • TIEBREAKER: 1. Goal Differential 2. Goals Scored 3. Coin Flip


Historic Crew Stadium Parking lots open to the public at 3:00 pm. Access to parking will be through Gate 15 of the fairgrounds.

  • Parking: Parking is available in the VIP lot, B- Lot, G-Lot and R-Lot of the Ohio Expo Center, immediately east and south of Historic Crew Stadium
  • ADA Parking: parking is available first come first served in the VIP lot of the Fairgrounds parking south of Historic Crew Stadium.


Tailgating will not be allowed in or around Historic Crew stadium. Portable restrooms and other amenities will not be available in the parking lots.


Check in for the tournament will be just inside Gate 5 of Historic Crew stadium. Teams should check in with Crew representatives and receive instruction and tournament timing. Please note that this is a limited capacity event and the bubble is reserved for teams and limited parents during their game only.


Tournament registration is required for entry into Historic Crew Stadium. Gate 5 for participants and spectators will open at 4:00 pm. Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes prior to your tournament time.  The only entry/exit of the bubble is on the SW corner directly north of Gate 5.


Guests are expected to exhibit professionalism at all times and refrain from inappropriate or vulgar language, actions or gestures at all times.

Guests must always follow instructions of all Crew staff or may face ejection from the building or the tournament.


A Full list of prohibited items is located Here: Historic Crew Stadium Prohibited Items

  • Appropriate Team Signs, banners and flags may be no larger than 3’x5’ and may not be attached to any surface.
  • Chairs or stools are not permitted.
  • Blankets are permitted but must be unfolded prior to entry.
  • Outside food or drink is not permitted in the bubble. All must be consumed on the concourse or in the upper 90 lounge.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

There will be NO spectator access to the field during this event.


For this event – please keep bags to necessary items only. Historic Crew Stadium is a no bag facility. Clutch wallets smaller than 5x8x1 inch are permissible after search. Larger bags should be returned to vehicles.   All medical/diaper bags may be searched.  Historic Crew Stadium Bag Policy


  • Cashless Venue – Historic Crew stadium is a cashless venue – Cash 2 Card Kiosks are located on the main concourse on both the home and visitor side of the field.
  • Concessions – No outside food or beverage is permitted in the bubble. There are no vending machines or concessions open for this event.
  • Restrooms – Family, Men’s and women’s restrooms are available on the main concourse and in the Upper 90 club.
  • Smoking/Vaping – Historic Crew stadium is a smoke, tobacco, marijuana and vape free venue.


Please do not use any emergency doors or non -revolving doors unless directed to by a member of the Columbus Crew Staff. Use of these doors may cause the deflation of the bubble.

Guests should keep to only their assigned fields on the sideline and may not interfere with the games in progress.

Guests are encouraged to drop off participants in the bubble and may enjoy the indoor upper 90 lounge on a first come first served basis for indoor seating. (There is no view of the field from this space).

Guests should only be in the bubble for their assigned team matches.